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Birds and Beasts - Kozmik Disko launch.

Birds and Beasts Album - Kozmik Disko
Birds and Beasts - Kozmik Disko Launch

It has finally arrived!!! Birds and Beasts have been working behind the scenes over Lockdown and they have finally got their Cd and Records through the post, so they can do a soft launch of the wonderful Album, Kozmik Disko.

This is an incredibly exciting time for the band, officially this is their second album and they are very pleased with the results. The Album was recorded at home and mastered at Abbey Road Studios. Some of the songs are over 5 years old and the more recent one, Silver Moon Array is about a little hedgehog who gets disturbed from its hibernation by building work being done and a housing estate appearing. Birds and Beasts love and write about animals, they are very passionate about this and know a lot about them. They run a Animal Based Quiz via Speedquizing and they love the poo round the most.

Fun Facts = Kozmik Disko has a Scorpion, Ants, Hippos, Albatross, Bee, Shark, Lance Tailed Manakin, Hedgehog on the Album.

Do not miss their Online event Kozmik Disko Launch happening tonight at 8pm via their Facebook Page at 8pm. Please buy their wonderful Album, Kozmik Disko that is absolutely wonderful, I will be doing an album review in the coming weeks and posting it up here, for you to view.

Listen to their interview on Calder Valley Radio here as the band goes through the whole of the Album Kozmik Disko and it is a wonderful insight into their brilliant new album.

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