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Across the Atlantic Ocean, from the unlikely  Carol Hodge and Julia Othmer


The two piano-playing, singing songcrafters have struck up a pen pal relationship of songs, bringing light to what divides and unites us, geographically, politically and personally.

Julia and Carol met on tour in 2018, opening up in the UK for Welsh legends The Alarm, and quickly bonded over their shared love of all things heart-centred and magickal. They toured together again in 2019, and vowed to make it a regular occurrence, until the pandemic hit. The Selenite Songs Project sees these two powerful women joining forces once again, to reflect light and create connection.

Since December 2023, Carol and Julia have ritualized a songwriting commitment to one another. Each month, they challenge themselves to write a song on the first new moon of each month. A few strict rules apply:

1. Write in response to the songwriting prompt (prompts are brainstormed by the artists and their audiences on supporters of social media)
2. Spend a maximum of 2 hours writing the song
3. The resulting recordings are to be only piano, voice, and found sounds.

The Selenite Songs tour will feature songs Carol and Julia wrote during the six month project and include conversation about the process and the story behind each song. There will also be an element of audience participation, including a live co-creation with the crowd, ensuring each night of the tour will be a magically unique experience.

With over 40 years of live touring and recording experience between them, this is a unique invitation to explore the artistic alchemy of two veteran performing songwriters. Openly sharing their process, these artists hope to cultivate a warm and humorous dialogue of collaboration, inspiration and craft at each performance.

This tour is the only time these songs will be performed together live, in an intimate environment. At the end of the tour, every ticket holder will be gifted a limited edition recording from these two songstresses.

“This process is a way to find a bit of focus and stillness. We created a game, a musical conversation. A way to support each other and hold each other accountable in our commitment to creating original music.”

- Julia Othmer

“I’m excited to take some deep emotional dives together on this project. Women supporting other women in music is incredibly important to us both, and I’m confident our emotional honesty will create some really special songs. Plus we get to perform them live together, which will be buckets of fun!” Carol Hodge

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