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The Factoryline works and supports artists every step of the way. We are a creative agency and have a wide selection of talent. Creating opportunities and a new way forwards, is what we are all about. We love to work on important causes such as Mental Health Awareness, Women's Rights to feel Safe in Spaces and the Environment. Positive Changes start with one thought, one action, one step to make a difference. 

 Creative Art transforms and changes people's way of thinking in so many ways, we are all part of this beautiful world and it is important to share the beauty, people's experiences and love, in so many ways.


Take a look at our wonderful artists here on The Factoryline and let's work together. We are an evolving company that believes in the positive power of change, empowering and supporting the creative minds.  

Birds and Beasts
Michele Stodart
Dan Sealey
Screenshot 2021-02-03 at 22.59.55

If you would like to book any of our artists, please contact  

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