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An Interview with Elaine Palmer

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

The Factoryline and Happy 4 pr are delighted to work with the wonderful Elaine Palmer on several occasions and we are very excited about the Double Bill with Birds and Beasts, happening on Saturday 20th of February. Read the interview below...

Describe your background and when you started performing?

I started playing piano when I was a child, writing songs. I picked up a guitar when I was 15 and taught myself.

What do you love about music?

Music is a magical world that you can walk into whenever you want. It is a safe personal space but one that can be used to connect with others. I love how music is a universal language of emotional expression.

Who are your favourite artists/ Musicians?

I loved great lyricists like Bob Dylan, Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen when I first started writing songs. I'm listening to the latest records by Anna Calvi, Sharon Van Etten and Lucinda Williams at the moment.

What are you working on at the moment ?

I have a new record coming out this Autumn so we are just putting the final tracks down for it now.

When is your next single out?

I may put a single from the record out in Aug depending on the state of play in the live music industry by then.

How have you been doing in lockdown?

Lockdowns are tough. I miss playing live and watching other artists perform. It was a huge part of my world. I hope to return to a real stage soon.

You are performing a double bill with Birds and Beasts on the 20th of

February. Have you been doing many online gigs and when was your last live


I have only played a couple of online performances over the last year. The last actual show I played with a live crowd was at The Georgian Theatre in Teesside this time last year!

Check out everything about Elaine Palmer here on here Website

Tune in to the Double Bill with Birds and Beasts tomorrow eve at 8pm here

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